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26 January 2013

Don't Know How ... From Somebody to Somebody ...

Blackberry went to a bluetooth connection instead of a wifi router option to try to trap blackberry users from buying ipads. They are the only smartphone manufacturer not to have a wifi router and the only ones to use a bluetooth connection. They figure this would force bb users to buy a Playbook as it prevents a BB user from buying an ipad if they want a mobile internet connection to their tablet if wifi is not avaialble.

RIMM is being run by Laurel and Hardy. They continue to make bad decisions at every opportunity such as:

1. No wifi router.

2. No fron facing camera on any of their phones.

3. Failing to bring out video call capability on BB Messenger.

4. A poorly populated app world. Why didn't RIMM pay for the development of popular smartphone apps such as Skype, Teamviewer, etc.

5. Email client on the Playbook.

6. Calendar and contact app on the Playbook.

So disappointing to watch a grerat company that owned the smartphone market, crash and burn.

Laurel and Hardy seem to know nothing about the products of their competition. Do you think they have ever tried an Android or iPhone?
Let's look at your complaints, one by one.

1. It's coming....hang in there, buddy.

2. How many phones have front-facing cameras? You can count the number on one hand.

3. Video calling is supported by your carrier, but again how many phones have it presently?

4. So the App Store and the Android Market have ten times the apps of AppWorld. If you look, AppWorld has apps in every major category so you should be able to find what you want, without having to look through hundreds of different apps to find the one you need.

5. It's all about security. When you walk away from your iPad, your emails remain for others to see. When you unplug your BlackBerry phone from your PlayBook and walk away, nothing remains.

6. (I don't know the PlayBook well enough to comment on this one.)

BlackBerry phones are VERY good at what they do. They're NOT iPhones and they're NOT Androids and we're glad they're not. :)

P.S. Laurel and Hardy were very funny guys loved by millions.......poor choice of people to use in your complaint. :)
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