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25 November 2012

Software GR Speakers

Software GR Speakers Who would you like to hear speak? If you have seen someone at a conference you'd like to see again, let us know. If there's an author you'd like to hear, add them! Please prefer posting specific people over categories, but if all you have is a topic, that's ok: we can try to find one. 14 people have submitted 25 suggestions and cast 61 votes but what do you think? This is how you appear to others... Komuniti PTT Zello Channel Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan, Utara - Selatan, Malaysia edit Note: For a topic used with Hangouts On Air, your Google+ profile name is shown. Topics not used with Hangouts On Air do not use your Google+ profile name
I have invited you to participate in the Google Moderator series "Software GR Speakers".

You can vote on submissions and suggest your own at
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